Date October 25, 2015

Here’s some screenshots of the last project I worked on as a world artist. These are mostly beauty shots, which has been worked by a lot of the worlds team. There is some single shots/ sculpts for assets I worked on from start to finish. I was really fortunate to be working with such amazing and talented Popcap team.

As a world artist. You get to do a wide variety of things such as concept, model, texture and animate an asset. We would also create destruction states, collision/ enlighten mesh and add vfx effects to models.

I was responsible for exploration, model, texture, polish, destruction states, collision/ enlighten mesh and vfx effects.


Dino03 Dino04 china08china05china01 china02 china03 china04 egypt01 egypt06 egypt07 egypt04 egypt05 rome02rome01 rome03 med02 med03 med04 Hub02 Hub01 Hub04 Hub_sewer01 Gnome01 Gnome02 snow11 snow08 snow09 snow10 snow06 snow05 snow04 snow02 snow01 orca staglimite rocks

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